Alliance for Potato Research & Education

APRE proudly abides by the International Life Science Institute (ILSI) North America Guiding Principles on Industry Funding of Research and formally requests that the leading nutrition scientists and institutions with which it collaborates do the same.

As part of APRE’s commitment to eliminating research bias based on funding source:

  • APRE emphasizes that control of both study design and research itself is to remain with scientific investigators.
  • APRE ensures, before the commencement of studies, that there is a written agreement that the investigative team has the freedom and obligation to attempt to publish the findings within a specified time frame, regardless of the study’s outcomes and findings.
  • APRE guarantees that payment of research is not contingent on the outcome of a research project.
  • APRE takes great pride in the caliber and strength of the research it funds and always discloses the funding source. Similarly, APRE requires the researchers it works with to disclose their relationship with APRE in all relevant publications and conference presentations.
    In an effort to communicate openly and transparently to the research community APRE’s research program issues a formal request for proposal that is open to the entire research community.
  • APRE selects and funds only the highest quality research proposals. APRE utilizes external experts in nutrition science and related fields to guide its selection of scientifically sound research proposals.
  • APRE is committed to the responsible communication of the studies it funds. Nutrition communications materials produced by APRE are reviewed by a team of nutrition experts and all efforts are made to ensure that study results are put in the appropriate context of the broader body of scientific evidence.